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IT-Platform operations

  • CI/CD-Pipeline
    We implement DevOps solutions with a continuous integration and deployment approach. Our team writes, tests and releases high-quality code using a state-of-the-art stack of tools.
  • Process automation
    With our deployment automation services, you can deploy your software to test and production environments with a single click, with seamless integration and clear visibility for continuous delivery.
  • Testing and control
    NGN ITS DevOps engineers can help you configure clusters and servers to improve security. All of our DevOps experts are highly skilled in monitoring protocols and implementing patches.
  • Cost optimisation
    We create a DevOps assessment roadmap by visualising the desired state and identifying the traceable metrics. identify the metrics that can be tracked. This requires less investment and provides a clear picture of every step we take.
  • Pilot-Framework-Set
    Our team identifies the best DevOps model and toolchain for your business needs and optimises your existing IT structure and use of resources to achieve your goals faster and with fewer errors.
  • Process takeover
    We help you develop and automate a robust infrastructure to meet growing and rapidly changing business needs. Our customers improve efficiency and track performance using monitoring tools.

Tools for DevOps consulting:

  • Kubernetes
  • ELK
  • Maven
  • Jenkins
  • VMware
  • Docker
  • GitLab CI
  • Git Flow
  • Grafana
  • Kibana
  • MS Azure
  • Monitoring Systems (ICINA, CheckMK)

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